Level of Play


Coaches/Team organizers should try to select the level that best describes your team. Understand that at each level, not every bullet point will apply to your team. We are just looking for an overall assessment of your team's skill level. Select your Division from the drop-down menu.

When schedules are made, teams are placed in clusters of 6-12+ teams to play each other during the season. We'd like to pair you with teams at your same level of play/age/experience to make it as fun for all participants.

Rememeber, this is a learning league. It's better to stretch your team a bit, rather than try to set it up so you can win every game. Shoot for the middle rather than the top.

PONY           Team Self-Assessment

BRONCO     Team Self-Assessment

MUSTANG   Team Self-Assessment

PINTO          Team Self-Assessment