Independent Teams

'24 Overview

Sign-ups for 2024 are now CLOSED on December  5, 2023

STEP 1 You must determine at which level your team will play during the season. This is EXTREMELY important. Therefore, your first step should be to go to the Level of Play tab and determine where your team is. This tab is located under the SignUp Info tab. Once you determine your level of play you can move on to setting up your team. This does not apply to Shetland.

STEP 2 In order to setup a team in the leagueapps program you must be the Team Organizer. Typically the Head Coach or the Team Manager. Click on this link Go to the sign-in to or create your account and register a team.


STEP 3 choose the appropriate age division for your team (Shetland, Pinto, Mustang, etc.)

STEP 4 Create your team name. You must follow the SFYBL naming guidelines:  team name - coach last name- school name. (school name is optional) For example: "Orcas-Lewellen-Peabody"

STEP 5 Choose your level of play (from Step 1) Please note that the league reserves the right to change your level of play at it's discretion.

STEP 6 If you have any of the mandatory materials you can upload them at this time. Or you can choose to do it later.

STEP 7 Accept the waiver

STEP 8 Save your team. You're almost done!

Step 9 Donate to the league (if you'd like).

Step 10 You are done. Now you can begin inviting players and coaches to join your team.

Note: All teams must have a minimum of 10 players by December 5, 2023.