A BYE is a day you request NOT to be scheduled for a game.

Lower Division teams may request up to 3 BYES. They will always be on Saturdays and each BYE reduces the numbers of games your team will play.

Upper Division teams may request ONE Saturday BYE and ONE Week-night BYE. These are typically centered around SPRING-BREAK.

You do not have to take a BYE, but you are expected to bring atleast 8 players to any game you are scheduled for or Forfeits will apply.

Games will be scheduled on Saturday March 30. (the day before Easter)

BYE requests occur in mid January. Your Spotery drafter will recieve an email from the League.

Only the Authorized Drafter of each team should submit the BYE requests. However, you should work together with your coach to complete the bye request form to make sure it is accurate. There can only be ONE bye request form submission per team. If SFYBL receives multiple submissions, we will only use the most recent one and ignore the older ones.

Schedule Requests differ from BYEs. It is not a request not to play, rather it is a request affecting when or where your team might be scheduled to play. For example, "I coach two teams, can you schedule them with time between games?" or "Can our game be in the morning on such n' such date?"  These requests are in NO WAY guaranteed but they will be considered and an attempt will be made to accomadate them.

BYEs and Schedule Requests are due by January 12, 2024.