Giants Youth Baseball Day

'24 overview

Every year The San Francisco Giants host a Youth Baseball Day at Oracle Park.

This is a fun event where SFYBL teams are allowed to come early and hear from Giants players and broadcasters like Mike Kukrow or Dave Fleming (for example).

SFYBL teams will parade around the infield prior to the game.

Kids get to run the bases after the game.

It's a great day at the Ball Park. (is there any other kind?)

This year the league has reserved 2000 bleacher seats and 1000 View Reserve seats.

Each team must designate a single person on the team to organize the tickets for your team and a single payment.

Tickets can not be ordered by individuals.

Bleacher tickets are $25

View Reserve tickets are $15

This year's game will be against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday April 28th. More specific details about times will come out later.

Orders are first come, first serve. Orders with payment must be made by 03.31.2024. Tickets will be delivered electronically prior to game day.


Do your coach a favor and volunteer to be the person on your team to organize your tickets!

SFYBL Pony day 2024


Tickets Sold Out?  Try the SFYBL Ticket Exchange to see if anyone is selling extras!   HERE