Practice Fields

practice fields


Only ONE person (Authorized Drafter) can be designated to pick the practice slot for your team. You will select the Authorized Drafter. This can not be changed.

ONLY the Authorized Drafter will receive instructions on how to use Spotery, the online picking system.

The Authorized Drafter will be notified of the exact day and time they can log into Spotery to pick or "draft" their practice slot. Whatever they pick in the system is what they will get.

Draft position numbers (who picks first) will be randomized by the Spotery system.

If you do not participate in the Spotery process, you may forfeit your right to a regular weekly practice.

Spotery Step-by-Step

An email will be sent from San Francisco Recreation and Parks. This email will include a team code and a link to an online form. This email typically goes to the person who initially setup the team in the SFYBL .

Fill out the online form and choose your Authorized Drafter. The Authorized Drafter will recieve all subsequent communications regarding Spotery INCLUDING the confirmation receipt that is sent after you fill out the form.

If you are the Authorized Drafter and you do not recive the receipt something is wrong. Reach out to your Commissioner.

Authorized Drafter participates in the optional mock draft to practice using Spotery.

Authorized Drafter will receive notification email indicating their team's draft day and time.

On draft day and time, Authorized Drafter will log into Spotery and pick their practice slot.

Pick up practice permits from SFYBL.


How Long is My Draft Window?: Each team's draft time will be 4-hours long. You can log in at any time during those 4 hours to pick your slot.

How Much in Advance Will I Know My Team's Draft Time?: At least 3 days. Once draft times are announced, Authorized Drafters can log into Spotery to view available slots. However, they will not be able to actually pick until their actual draft time.

What is a Prioritized Draft Position?: Priority will be provided to public school teams with volunteer coaches who request to have a practice field within walking distance of their school immediately after school. A team can apply for this on their Authorized Drafter ID Form.

How Many Practices Can I Get?: All teams will only get ONE 1-hour practice per week.

What are the available Practice times?: Times traditionally start at 3:30 (3:30-4:30, 4:30-5:30, 5:30-6:30).

Which Teams Qualify for Diamonds for Practices?: Only pinto and older teams will have access to diamonds. All Shetland divisions and under will receive grass practice areas. Based on demand it is possible that Pinto teams will also be assigned grass practice areas.

What is Repick Round?: Repick Round is a team's last chance to change their practice slot selection or for teams that missed their initial draft time. Repick Round usually begins immediately following the real draft.

What if I Want to Change My Practice Slot After Repick Round? There will be a $200 fee assessed per change per team. All payabel to SF Rec & Parks - Permits Dept.

When Do Practices Start?: Monday, February 26, 2024

What if I want Additional Practice Times?: The league provides a single 1 hour practice per week. For those who would like additional practice time you may try to reserve additional time through the SF Rec & Park Permits and Reservations office.

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