Coaches are expected to communicate to their teams if a game or practice status is changed.

The league will send out announcements via the League App and/or the website as soon as possible.

Check the SF Rec & Park RAINOUT REPORT. Dirt and turf fields are managed differently; please be mindful of which type of field you're scheduled on, and whether closures apply to you (see "Additional Information").

Please remember that fields are not closed just for active rain. When fields have been rained on, it can take two or more days of sunshine for the field to dry out. Please respect SFRPD's decisions.

If your field is not shown as closed, please report to your field at practice or game time. There is a chance that your game will get canceled based on actual field conditions at that time, but your team should be present and prepared to play.

Note: Once a field is closed, it will NOT re-open that day, even if it stops raining.