Uniform Ordering Sessions Have Been Rescheduled For Dec 9th And Dec 11th

If you have already registered a team with SFYBL for the 2015 spring season, follow the steps below to place the uniform order for your team.
Some things to be aware of when ordering uniforms with SFYBL:
- Uniforms include a jersey with team name, baseball undershirt, SFYBL hat and socks. Players will need to purchase a pair of baseball pants separately. We ask that teams coordinate so that all players on the same team wear the same color of baseball pants to the games.
- Uniform costs were included in league fees per player for the SHETLAND and PINTO divisions.
- Uniforms are available to purchase for the MUSTANG, BRONCO and PONY divisions at an additional cost of $35, $42 or $47 per uniform depending on style selected.
- SFYBL offers the option to order coaches jerseys to match your players at a cost of $35 each and each order comes with an SFYBL hat.
- Late player additions – We strongly encourage you to have your roster complete by the time you place your uniform order on Dec 9th or 11th. We can place late uniform orders, but this complicates the process tremendously and late add orders are not guaranteed to have uniforms by the start of the season.
- SHETLAND divisions are allowed to have duplicate numbers on players jersey’s (for example: if all kids want to be #28 like Buster Posey – that’s fine – there are no restrictions on this in the Shetland division).
- PINTO, MUSTANG, BRONCO and PONY divisions are NOT allowed to have duplicate numbers on players jerseys.
- SFYBL will write a “team name” of your choice on the front of your jersey, However, we cannot include school names or neighborhood affiliations. We can only print the “mascot” name.
- Team Colors – you will given a choice of colors to choose from when you turn in your uniform order form. Colors will be given out on a first come first served basis.
- Our youth jersey sizes can be estimated by the following scale:
Youth Small – 4-6 year old
Youth Medium – 8-10 year old
Youth Large – 10-12 year old
1) Make sure you have paid your league fees and turned in your roster and all waivers for your team
2) Check with the players on your team for jersey sizes and preferred number choices.
3) Fill out the Uniform Order Form located under “Info” tab, then click “Forms”
4) Bring completed form to one of the Uniform Ordering Sessions to be held on December 9th (6pm-8pm) and December 11th (6pm-8pm) at the County Fair Building located at 9th Avenue & Lincoln
5) Look for communication from SFYBL by email and/or website posting regarding when to pick up your teams uniforms

Minimum Players Per Team

Just to remind everybody, the minimum players to register a team in the SFYBL is eight (8). Again, a minimum of eight is needed just to register your team.

However, the minimum number of players per team to compete in the SFYBL is:

Shetland T-Ball: 10
Shetland Coach Pitch: 10
Pinto: 10
Mustang: 11
Bronco: 11
Pony: 11

Many teams may not have 10 or 11 players yet, but they can still register with eight. They will still need to have 10 or 11 (depending on division [see above]) before they can be issued their practice field permits in February or be scheduled for games. Teams who registered with at least eight players but less than their division’s minimum amount of players have just over two months to make their sure roster has the minimum amount of players for their division.

All teams who have done or will do team registration must have their complete roster online with sfybl.sportssignup.com.
It’s not enough to just turn in a hard copy roster; you also need to enter your rosters of players and coaches online. Any player or coach who is not on a team’s online roster and/or we do not have a signed 2015 player waiver on file for is an ineligible player/coach. Teams with zero or incomplete rosters (less than their divisions minimum amount of players) will not be issued practice field permits or scheduled games until their online rosters are in compliance.

Team Registation – Online Roster Entry Change

Team Registration Coaches:

As alluded to in the previous post, the possible change in our online roster entry system is now a reality.

For details, please see the Online Team Roster Entry page.

Online roster entry is mandatory for all teams participating in team registration. All coaches and all players for a team must be on that team’s online roster or they are not league-eligible.

To the 10% of the projected teams for the 2015 season who have already entered partial or complete rosters on the previous system, we apologize for asking you to do it again. However, we feel it is necessary to solve a major problem early on (before actual registration begins) than to proceed with a system which functionally cannot be made to operate in a manner the SFYBL does.

Team Registration – Rosters

This information applies to coaches who will be doing team registration only.

We have experienced some unforeseen issues with the online team roster entry system. These issues compel us to at least temporarily freeze the current online entry system. We are working with the provider to see if the problems can be rectified. However, the issues are significant enough to how the SFYBL operates that it is prudent for us to work on alternate online roster entry methods. We should know definitively by Friday morning (Nov. 14).

In the interim, we are requesting that all coaches, managers, or team parents who will be attending the Nov. 15 or Nov. 19 registration sessions to enter their team rosters on the SFYBL 2015 Roster Form located in our Forms section.

We ask that all coaches/managers fill out the linked roster form even if you have already entered your players online.

You will need to bring your completed roster form with you to a registration. You will need at least eight kids who are age-eligible for the division you are entering your team in. You will also need filled out and signed waivers for all kids on your roster. Lastly, you will need a check for registration fees. With all those steps completed, you can register your team and get your field priority code.

On the topic of payment: Some of you have already paid your registration fees online using PayPal on leagueapps.com. We know who you are and will have your payment records with us during the registration sessions. You will not have to pay twice.

Again, we apologize for any hassles this may present. We will have a working solution live and online by the Nov. 15 registration opening date. For now, please use the SFYBL 2015 Roster Form.

Chet Spirlin
League Commissioner
San Francisco Youth Baseball League

Rules of Conduct

Although registration doesn’t open until Nov. 15, we wanted to make sure everybody is aware that all coaches, fans, and players will need to abide by the SFYBL’s Rules of Conduct going forward.

Last season we had numerous instances of unsportsmanlike conduct by some coaches and fans towards umpires and/or opposing teams/coaches. We will strictly enforce our Rules of Conduct going forward.

Chet Spirlin
SFYBL League Commissioner


Coaches are responsible for their team’s members and team’s supporters adherence to the following Rules of Conduct. Coaches may be either warned or ejected and the game may be declared a forfeit for failure to comply

  • Coaches, Players and Parents shall not use any word(s) and/or actions to incite their team’s members and/or supporters to demonstrations of unsportsmanlike conduct.
    − Demonstrations, which disrupt the game, are unsportsmanlike.
    − Demonstrations abusive to the umpires are unsportsmanlike.
  • Coaches shall not encourage or allow attempts at verbal intimidation of the opposing team by their team’s members and/or supporters.
  • There shall be no “negative chatter” directed at the opposing team.
  • “Positive chatter” by team members with their teammates is permitted and encouraged.
  • Ejected participants are henceforth–illegal participants, and any further misconduct on their part will result in the suspension of the game by the umpire(s), and may result in forfeiture of the game.
  • An ejected manager/coach must leave the vicinity of the playing field. The game can continue only if another person, affiliated with said team, who is listed as a coach on the team roster and has been background checked through SF Rec & Park assumes the responsibility for the team for the remainder of that game.
  • Any ejected adult team member must leave the vicinity of the playing field.
  • Any ejected team supporter must leave the vicinity of the playing field.
  • Any ejected non–adult team member may remain in his/her team’s area if the manager/coach’s supervision is necessary. The manager/coach is responsible for further misconduct on the part of the ejected player and will be required to remove the ejected player from the field area if so instructed by an umpire.
  • An umpire may suspend the game in the event of a situation which he/she may judge to be threatening to or detrimental to the healthy continuation of the game
  • No contact is allowed with umpires after the game is completed. Coaches, players, and supporters are not allowed to address, question, speak, or confront umpires regarding their performance after the game. If there is an issue in question, those questions and issues should be directed to the SFYBL Division Commissioners.
  • All Adults (18+) who are working with our teams in either practices and/or games must be fingerprinted and background checked through SF Rec & Park fingerprinted and be listed on the team’s roster with SFYBL be eligible to coach in the SFYBL.
  • The SFYBL, shall reserve the right to withdraw membership from any league, team, player or adult volunteer whose conduct, on or off the playing field, reflects in a manner that is detrimental to the best interest of SFYBL.
  • Coaches, players and spectators who engage in unsportsmanlike conduct, such as fighting, abusive language or similar derogatory activity, can be suspended for one or more games. Coaches, players, parents or spectators in violation of any of these Rules of Conduct may be removed from the league at the discretion of the SFYBL Board.

SFYBL Registration Dates for the 2015 Spring Baseball Season

It’s time to get your team rosters organized for the Spring Baseball Season. Teams shall consist of at least 11 and no more than 16 players. Important dates are below. Spring season runs during March, April and May.


November 5th (Wednesday) – County Fair Building located at 9th Avenue & Lincoln Way

– Shetland and Pinto Divisions : 6:00pm-7:00pm

– Mustang, Bronco and Pony : 7:30pm-8:30pm


November 15th (Saturday) - 10am-2pm at the County Fair Building (9th Ave & Lincoln)

November 19th (Wednesday) – 6pm-8pm at the County Fair Building (9th Ave & Lincoln)

UMPIRE RECRUITING – The league is recruiting umpires for the spring season.

– SFYBL provides free training from the Northern California Umpires Association (NCUA)

– Pay ranges from $25-$35 per game depending on division level of play

– Umpires needed for Wednesday and Saturday games in San Francisco

– Minimum age requirement is 14 years old (14 year old candidates must be in High School)

– Free training session to be held in February

– Send email inquiries to chet@sfybl.com

Seeking SFYBL Board Members

The San Francisco Youth Baseball League (SFYBL) is run by a board of mostly volunteers. The duties of the board include but are not limited to:

  • Deciding on league structure
  • Creating league rules and policies
  • Setting league budgets
  • Making game schedules
  • Managing and attending league events such as registration, games, coach training sessions, etc.
  • Attending board meeting weekly during the season and every 2-3 weeks in the off-season.
  • Managing a division(s) for a league consisting of 350 coaches and 2,500 kids playing on 270 teams in five age-based divisions.
  • Communicating with coaches, players, and parents/guardians as well as answering questions from them in a timely and authoritative manner. These communications happen largely via email and our web site, but also include phone and in-person dialog.

If you are an adult interested in helping to provide the youth of San Francisco the best possible youth baseball league experience…we want you.

It is not necessary to be an experienced baseball coach or player, although knowing a little bit about baseball helps. What is far more important are good organizational skills and a desire to give something back to the community.

If this sounds like something for you, please contact us at volunteer@sfybl.com. In your email, please feel free to tell us a little about yourself…specifically about your past relationship with the league and any qualities you can contribute to help sustain the league and make it better.

9U Summer All Star Update



The San Francisco PONY League Mustang Division (9U) Summer All-Star team won the PONY NOR CAL Section Championship, which took place in Morgan Hill, CA. on July 2nd -July 8th.

San Francisco went undefeated in four games and with the win they advanced to the Northern California Super Regionals in Modesto, CA. on July 10th- July 15th. At the Super Regionals they went 1-2 losing to a tough Blossom Valley team that they beat in the Section Championship game.