PONY League Day at AT&T Park – Sunday, April 13th

PONY League Day at AT&T Park – Sunday, April 13th

The San Francisco Giants will celebrate PONY League Baseball at AT&T Park on Sunday, April 13th for the 1:05pm Giants/Rockies Game. Game begins at 1:05pm versus the Colorado Rockies. The festivities will start about 3 hours before game time and will include an on-field Banner Parade and a Q&A session with Giants players and coaches. Specific itinerary details to follow when they are communicated to us.

The Giants allotted and SFYBL purchased 2,125 tickets this year, which is more tickets than last year, but is still not enough for every player in our league. Tickets cost $21 or $30.

To be fair, we will be offering the tickets to SFYBL teams in ‘Rounds’. In the first round, each team will be offered a total of 10 tickets. You will be asked to respond to your 10 ticket offering by entering the number you would like to reserve for your team (up to 10) in the Google Document located here:


We will have tickets left over after Round #1, we will then have a Lottery in Round #2, where we will award up to 10 more tickets per teams until all the tickets have been exhausted.

Please Note: The League realizes that 10 tickets is not enough for all coaches and players on your team to attend, not to mention parent chaperones and siblings, but we are restricted by how many tickets the Giants have for us understanding the Giants have sold-out every game since Oct. 1st, 2010. We recommend that you find out who from your team wants to attend and if it is at least 10, start from there. See how many tickets you are able to acquire after all the rounds, subtract number of chaperones needed and perhaps hold a lottery to give out the remainder.