Rule Reminders & Coach/Parent Behavior & Playoffs

May 2, 2017 11:45 AM
Brooke Bianco

With the regular season coming to a close and the playoffs starting Saturday, May 13th, we would like for all league participants to review the Code of Conduct that all parents and coaches agreed to before the season started via the online waiver form.  There have been ejections this season for violating the SFYBL Code of Conduct, which led to further game suspensions. The playoffs can be a time of more intense emotions. First and foremost, remember - THE GAME IS FOR THE KIDS. 

Parents are NOT allowed to question ANY umpire calls. A coach may be ejected from the game for parent (or fan) behavior that is in violation with the SFYBL Code of Conduct policy.

Other items for review:

Coaching Cards
All coaches in Mustang, Bronco and Pony are required to wear their coach's card on their lanyard.  All coaches must show their cards to the umpire.

Coaching Spots
When your team is up to bat, coaches can be in the first and third base boxes. A coach can stand in the doorway area of their dugout. No one should stand behind the backstop. Coaches should not be in the field of play except when a time out is called and a coach is visiting the mound or a player is injured and assistance is required. 

NO Parents in the Dugout or On the Field
Dugouts must be free of parents. Only coaches with coaching cards are allowed in the dugout. Parents should not be on the field. This includes adults carrying infants in arms. And no child should be on the field of play without proper uniform and equipment.

Score Reporting (even in a forfeit)
Report your game score even when you win by forfeit or when there's a rainout.  Our scorekeeper enters the data from the reports you complete.  We don't have a true way to track mid week rainouts and we don’t always learn about a forfeited game.  

Player Participation
Every player shall play at least 2 innings in the field and get at least 1 at bat in each game (including playoffs).

Game time limits
The game time limit for Mustang is 2 hrs and for Bronco/Pony it is 2 hrs 15 mins and is based on the UMPIRES time piece. 

Run limits
Mustang can score a maximum of 5 runs per pinning. Bronco/Pony can score a maximum of 8 runs per inning. Both of these apply unless it is the final inning when there is no maximum. 

Mercy rule
A game is over by mercy rule if the losing team is down by 10 or more after having had 4 innings of "at bats" in Mustang and 5 innings of  “at bats" in Bronco/Pony. 

A batter does not have to leave the batters box to give the catcher room to make a throw and cannot be called for interference if he remains in the box. It is the catcher's job to put himself in position to make the throw.

When a base runner impacts a fielder while that fielder is making a legitimate attempt to field a ball, it is runner interference; not player obstruction. In this case, the runner is out. If the fielder does not have a legitimate opportunity to field the ball and the runner impacts him; the fielder is obstructing and the runner is awarded the base.

Only feet first sliding is allowed except when runner is diving back to a base that he/she already occupied. When defensive plays are made at bases, runners are expected to either legally slide or attempt to avoid the fielder. If a runner’s failure to comply hinders a fielder’s play upon another runner, offensive interference may be ruled. Runners must make an effort to avoid contact with defensive players. A runner may be called “out” if he/she does not slide or attempt to get around a fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make the tag.

Stealing home/Mustang division
The only time a runner can steal home in the Mustang division is on a passed ball or when the defense attempts to make a play at any bag. 

No Assisting Runners
1st base and 3rd base coaches are not allowed to “aid” or “assist” by pushing/pulling or making physical contact with a runner to encourage him/her to run to or back to a base. 


The Mustang, Bronco and Pony Divisions will have playoff brackets for each division. We won't be able to announce seeding and therefore specific game times and locations until all games have been played in every division and subsection.  

Round #1 - First round games will be May 13th at either 9:00am, 11:30am, 2:00pm or 4:30pm.

Round #2 - Second round games will be at 5:30pm during the week of May 15th-18th on your divisions regular weekday gamenight
(Mustang-Wednesday, Bronco-Tuesday, Pony-Monday or Thursday). 

Final Round - Championship games for all divisions in Mustang, Bronco and Pony will be on Saturday, May 20th at either 9:00am, 11:30am, 2:00pm or 4:30pm. Individual medals will be awarded to both teams participating in the Championship Game for each division and subsection.

In an effort to avoid forfeits or conflicts with coaches scheudles and/or coaches coaching multiple teams, kindly alert your Division Commissioner which teams and divisions you are coaching. We will do our best to take this information into consideration when determining the schedule.



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